2008 - Murder The World
2006 - Ultimate Hatred
2002 - A Pestilence Called Humanity
Stef - Vocals
Shaun - Guitars
Jay - Guitars
Sander - Bass
Twan - Drums
Stand Your Ground

Bloodshot specialises in a metal influenced style of hardcore and saw the light in 1999. From day one they focused on composing their own songs, resulting in a demo CD (‘Carnal Assault Upon A Godless World’), focusing on the acts of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo and which got very positive reactions and allowed the band to play lots of shows!

From there on, ambitions grew and a first full CD (‘A Pestilence Called Humanity’, dealing with the horrors of mass murderer David Berkowitz) was released in 2002 on Cartel records from Finland! Again reactions were outstanding and concerts even increased in number! This time the band also played big festivals (Dourfestival, Streetlive festival, Maximum hardcore festival, Akkerpop,…), which allowed them to share the stage with well known hardcore and metal acts such as Six Feet Under, Born From Pain, Angelcrew, Backfire, Gojira, Stamping Ground, Maximum Penalty, Fleshcrawl, Irate, Arkangel, Buzzcocks, Length Of Time, Deviate, Kickback, Settle The Score, Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban and many more.

After two years of intensive live playing, with hundreds of shows under their belt, Bloodshot decided to take a little break in order to start composing songs for their second full CD, which was recorded in March 2005 at CCR studios, mixed in july and mastered by Alan Douches from West West Side Music (Hatebreed, God Forbid, Unearth, Sick of it all, Sepultura, Sworn Enemy,…): the result was a collection of nine brand new, furious tracks: more agressive and powerful than before, with lyrics remaining influenced by another serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Entitled ‘Ultimate Hatred’, the album was released by Italian label Scarlet Records and, again, was received very well, allowing them to share the stage with bands such as Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Death Threat, Wisdom in Chains, Cataract, 25 Ta Life, Deadsoil and many others… This time also a three weeks European tour with Agents of Man (USA) was done.

The band worked hard on the new full length CD during most part of year 2007. Several line up changes occurred in the meantime. Bloodshot’s new effort, which will once again be released by Scarlet Records in October 2008, is more vicious and agressive than ever before, redefining brutality and combining the best elements of metal and hardcore to a perfect war machine crushing everything on its path. Bands like Full Blown Chaos, Sworn Enemy, Hatebreed, Cataract and Hatesphere come to mind but yet Bloodshot experiences no difficulties in creating their own well distinctive sound, giving them an original touch in the metalcore scene nowadays. ‘Murder The World’ will be its title, dealing again with the acts of another serial killer, Richard Ramirez! Recording sessions took place at Jonathas studio and DeStudio, with Dirk Miers (Do Or Die, Born From Pain) handling the mixing duties. Mastering took place at West West Side Music in New York City.

A videoclip from the song ‘Stand Your Ground’ will be added on the CD, giving you a good impression of the band’s stunning live performances.

Bloodshot are ready to take their ambitions to the next level, playing and touring as much as possible, promoting the new CD’s in the most professional way, spreading the Bloodshot madness on the crowds all over the world!