Dark Moor  
2013 - Ars Musica
2010 - Ancestral Romance
2009 - Autumnal
2006 - Tarot
2005 - Beyond The Sea
2003 - Dark Moor
2003 - Between Light And Darkness
2002 - The Gates Of Oblivion
2001 - The Fall Of Melnibone EP
2000 - The Hall Of The Olden Dreams
1999 - Shadowland
Alfred Romero - Vocals
Enrik Garcia - Guitars
Mario Garcia - Bass
Roberto Cappa - Drums

Dark Moor
Love From The Stone
Dark Moor
On The Hill Of Dreams
Dark Moor
The Chariot
Dark Moor came to light in 1993 but it wasn’t until 1999 that they released their first album, ‘Shadowland’, on Arise Records, immediately gaining a large following in Central Europe and Brazil. In the same year they toured Spain with Demons & Wizards.
In 2000 the band recorded their international breakthrough, ‘The Hall Of The Olden Dreams’, and toured incessantly, including some festival appearances at Viña Rock and Mijas Rock. The band received great feedback from the press and also took part in the Helloween tribute album ‘The Keepers Of Jericho’.
In 2001 Dark Moor released their third full length album ‘The Gates Of Oblivion’, finding new markets in USA, Canada and Asia. A tour followed, as well as more festival appearances (Rock Machina, Viña Rock, Nit de Reis and Metal Christmas to name a few). The acoustic EP ‘Between Light And Darkness’ followed in 2002 but it was with the addition of new lead singer Alfred Romero, which occurred in the same period, that they were finally ready to reach a higher level. ‘Dark Moor’, their fourth full length album saw the band improving their sound to a whole new level, giving a special credit to Alfred’s amazing voice. A tour with After Forever followed, conquering new countries such as Belgium and France among others.
A new confirmation came in 2005 with the fifth album, ‘Beyond The Sea’. The videoclip for the album’s single, ‘Before The Duel’, marked a half million views on Youtube and another tour was completed, taking the band to Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain.
Summer 2006 saw the band entering the studio to record a new, exciting chapter in their career: ‘Tarot’. New drummer Roberto Cappa joined the ranks of the band and new distribution deals were signed with Avalon Marquee for the Asian market and Scarlet Records for the rest of the world. Dark Moor also recorded the videoclip for the song ‘The Chariot’. This album got an overwhelming response from the press (Top Album on Metal Hammer – Spain, Powerplay – UK, Metal Reviews – USA, Heavylaw – France, Heavyowl – Germany) and a new videoclip was made for the song ‘Wheel Of Fortune’. Also a South American tour followed and countries such as Chile, Peru and Brazil (Dark Moor were the first Spanish band to ever perform in the country) paid their homage to the band.
In 2008, with great expectations from their fans, Dark Moor recorded their seventh album. ‘Autumnal’ was released early in 2009 and displayed powerful symphonic metal anthems with celtic, gothic and even arabian influences. The band also filmed a videoclip for the song ‘On The Hill Of Dreams’ with new bassist Mario Garcia added to the line-up. At that point Dark Moor were the most important symphonic metal band in Spain.
‘Ancestral Romance’, the band’s eight full length album, was released in November 2010. The album is an homage to the Spanish cultural heritage, most notably songs such as ‘Alaric De Marnac’, a powerful tune which pays tribute to renowned horror actor/screenwriter Paul Naschy, and ‘La Canción Del Pirata’, Dark Moor’s first ever song in Spanish.
But is now time to announce the release of Dark Moor's new masterpiece 'Ars Musica'. With this album Dark Moor have taken another step forward in their career, forging a more identifiable sound and expanding their songwriting in multiple directions. They still pay homage to the Spanish cultural heritage in songs such as 'First Lance Of Spain', ‘Gara & Jonay’ and ‘El Último Rey’, but elsewhere they go more personal, still giving high priority to their trademark melodies and elaborate harmonies. Talented singer Alfred Romero offers his best performance to date, whilst orchestrations are less classical and more grandiose and epic. 'Ars Musica' was once again produced by Luigi Stefanini (Rhapsody Of Fire, Labyrinth, Vision Divine).