2013 Zion
2008 The Glorious Sickness
2007 … And The Rest Is Silence
Silvio Mancini - Vocals
Simone Mularoni - Guitars
Simone Bertozzi - Bass
Dario Ciccioni - Drums
The Eve Arose
“The World to Come is here, now. Mankind awakes from a deep state of unconsciousness only to realize that the current age is cursed and it's time to move on. Belief is the original sin, the source of all evil, the force pulling us down a spiral of consternation. But just as the universe can slowly decrease its expansion speed and start contracting to finally collide in a Big Crunch, humans have to redeem and travel back to their origin. Enter the realm of ZION.”

Founded by guitar virtuoso and acclaimed producer Simone Mularoni (DGM), Empyrios were able to push forward the boundaries of Progressive Metal with two critically acclaimed albums, ‘...And The Rest Is Silence’, 2007, and ‘The Glorious Sickness’, 2008, built on extreme musicianship and strong feelings, mixing some of the heaviest riffs in Metal with refined guitar and keyboard solos and symphonic orchestra passages.
‘The Glorious Sickness’ granted the band a mention in Metal Hammer's “Best upcoming metal band of 2008” section and in the past few years every single member of Empyrios has been busy touring and making music around the globe. Simone Bertozzi joined the Danish metal machine Mnemic for an extensive tour of Europe and Australia, Simone Mularoni packed his guitars and lead DGM through a European tour with Symphony X and Dario Ciccioni kept hitting the stage with Oliver Hartmann's solo project Hartmann. At the same time, countless guitar riffs and drum parts have been exchanged between home studios and dressing rooms to magnificently craft their unique blend of melody, rhythm and sound pressure into a new Empyrios masterpiece. Produced by Simone Mularoni himself at Domination Studios, ‘Zion’ is the confirmed title for Empyrios long-waited new album, an exciting chapter in the band's career, in which once again these four musicians put on tape their incredible technical abilities and impressive mix of melodic and brutal heavy metal, in the vein of bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Symphony X, Fear Factory, Yngwie Malmsteen and Meshuggah to name a few.