2013 - The Seed Of Foolishness
2009 - Pound For Pound
2007 - Murder Tunes & Broken Bones 20 Years Anniversary DVD
2007 - Raisin’ Hell With Friends – Live At The Rolling Stone
2006 - Set The World On Fire
2003 - And The Best Is Yet To Come
2001 - Better Mad Than Dead
1995 - The Positive Pressure (Of Injustice)
1993 - Proud, Powerful 'N' Alive
1993 - Tension At The Seams
GL Perotti - Vocals
Tommy Massara - Guitars
Gabry Giovanna - Bass
Paolo Crimi - Drums
From The 80's
Another Nite
Second Coming

Extrema are not just another Italian Heavy Metal band, they are Italian heavy Metal! The band, driven by the abrasive guitars and energetic personality of Tommy Massara, came to light in Milan, Italy, during the cold winter of 1986. However, the definitive line-up (Tommy Massara on guitar, Mattia Bigi on bass, Cristiano Dalla Pellegrina on drums and Gianluca “GL” Perotti on Vocals) was not set in stone until 1989. 1993 saw the release of their first studio album ‘Tension At The Seams’, which was capable to hit the Italian metal scene full frontal. The album enjoyed worldwide release and was closely followed by an Italian tour cumulating in opening slots for Metallica as well as the huge Italian star Vasco Rossi, who personally chose the band. Their video ‘Child Of Boogaow’ caused a lot of interest almost everywhere.

The end of 1993 saw the release of the mini LP ‘Proud, Powerful 'N' Alive’, which included the superb cover of the Dead Kennedy's hit ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’.

In January 1994 Extrema were well and truly baptized, when, after enthusiastic reviews, they dominated the polls in the ‘best new band’ category. The following year saw the recording of ‘The Positive Pressure Of Injustice’, a solid and potent release instantly followed by an hardcore tour of over 100 mind-bending, energetic shows. In 1996, to further enhance their ever growing fan base, they collaborated with Italian rap superstars Articolo 31, recording the single ‘Mollami’, in those years the “true eye of the storm”. Although a big hit, the "metal kids" were still rather sceptic towards such hybrid forms, and therefore turned up their nose to what they saw as a “heavy metal scandal”. During 1996 and 1999, the Extrema war machine, paused a while to dedicate time towards various side projects and “collaborations” which included the likes of Articolo 31’s J Ax and DJ Jad, with the release of the classic ‘Vai Bello/Qui Non Si Scherza’.

In 2001 the album ‘Better Mad Than Dead’ showed the world that they were back, with more energy, power and guts than ever, and once again ready to dominate. This slicing and modern release put them right back on top of the Italian scene. They toured constantly for the first half of the year and then blew their fans away at the ‘Tattoo The Planet’ gig with Slayer. The second part of the year saw the fans treated to the heavy rotation of their new videos ‘Another Nite’ and ‘Wannabe’.
A new contract in 2003 treated the fans once again to another video "All Around" and the compilation of rare Extrema songs ‘And The Best Is Yet To Come’. This included all their collaborations, remixes as well as three new songs. It was polished off with some spectacular artwork and also the video for ‘The World Decline’ followed.

Since then Extrema have thrown themselves back on stage and into the festival scene with such shows as the Heineken Jammin’ Festival with Metallica, culminating with their incendiary show at Flippaut festival with Korn.

December 2004 saw a slight line-up change with the departure, after 15 years, of drummer Chris Dalla Pellegrina. After a couple of months of auditions, a new name came in: Paolo Crimi, former drummer for Beerbong.

The debut shows were received so ecstatically by the fans that they were invited to participate at Europe's and Italy's most prestigious rock/metal festival, Gods of Metal, and the famous Summer Day In Hell festival.
The fans were many and the reaction was wild, and as their trademark says, it was “Un fottuto massacro collettivo! (A fucking collective massacre!)”.

In June/July the band entered the Rodger music studios to record their latest offering, ‘Set The World On Fire’, with the video for the song ‘Nature’ following.

Their 20 years career was celebrated with the release of the live CD ‘Raisin’ Hell With Friends: Live At The Rolling Stone’ (recorded at Milan’s Rolling Stone during the latest Italian tour) and the gigantic double DVD ‘Murder Tunes & Broken Bones – 20 Years Anniversary DVD’, containing almost 4 hours of live material (including the now legendary gig with Metallica at Turin’s Stadio Delle Alpi in 1993), backstage video footage and tons of extras. Both the releases came out on leading Italian label Scarlet Records in summer 2007. At the end of the same year the band shot a new videoclip for the acoustic version of the song ‘Another Nite’ in various locations in central Italy. The clip was directed by renowed italian director Paolo Doppieri (who’s previous collaborations include well known italian and international artists such as Adema, Elisa, Linea 77, Roy Paci and several others). ‘Another Nite’, song originally included in the album ‘Better Mad Than Dead’ was rearranged acoustically and released as a bonus track for the reissue version of BMTD itself, due to happen straight after…

2008 was definetely one of the most important years in the band’s career: Extrema supported Bay Area’s metal legends Death Angel for their whole ‘Killing Season European Tour 2008’, which coincided with the reissue of the band’s back catalogue (from the mighty debut ‘Tension At The Seams’ to the latest ‘Set The World On Fire’, every release will containing plenty bonus material). Never surrending among music trends and always capable to look straight forward, Extrema added another chapter to its now legendary career. And the response, as usual, was amazing: Extrema was voted “best italian band” on Metal Hammer's readers poll 2007 and their extraordinary DVD ‘Murder Tunes & Broken Bones’ was voted “best DVD” on Rock Hard’s readers poll.

‘Pound For Pound’, the band's fifth album, was released in May 2009. Produced and mixed by Riccardo “Paso” Pasini at Studio 73 in Ravenna, Italy (Ephel Duat, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Rumors Of Gehenna, Handful Of Hate), ‘Pound For Pound’ collects 13 tracks of groovy thrash metal with plenty of attitude, including a stunning version of Kiss’ classic ‘Deuce’. It also features, as a very special guest on the track ‘You Make Me Sick’, Page Hamilton, leader of the post-core legend Helmet, on vocals. Artwork duties were handled by Nerve Design (Nile, Vision Divine, Threshold, Legion Of The Damned).
The band embarked on the ‘Pound For Pound European Tour 2009’ shortly after, including prestigious festival appearances such as legacy Festival (Germany), Metal Camp (Slovenia) and Metal Way (Spain), not to mention the main support slot during the entire Motörhead italian tour. But is now time to talk about the new, exciting chapter in Extrema's career.

‘The Seed Of Foolishness’ sees the band going back to its Thrash Metal roots, displayed in 10 powerful new tracks which have already been described as some of the best ever written by the band. 'The Seed Of Foolishness’ takes its inspiration from a series of events that led to the economic crisis that we are all suffering today, providing therapy for all the anger and frustration resulting from it. “Combat Metal” was how fans and critics alike used to refer to when talking about Extrema at the time of their incendiary debut album ‘Tension At The Seams’ but such definition is more relevant today than ever. 'The Seed Of Foolishness' will be released on May 21st, 2013 again on Scarlet Records. Stay tuned!