Hotel Diablo  
2012 The Return To Psycho, California
Rick Stitch - Vocals
Alex Grossi - Guitars
Mika Duda - Bass
Mike Dupke - Drums

“Add Hotel Diablo to the list of great Hard Rock bands out of Hollywood, CA - Incredible hooks and melodies” - Bill Huning, Music Director, KLOS Los Angeles

Hotel Diablo has captured Hollywood's darker side with 'The Return To Psycho, California'. The band formed in early 2011, when vocalist Rick Stitch and guitarist Alex Grossi had just come off a grueling world tour with original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler in support of his tell-all biography. Upon returning home, Alex and Rick both departed the Adler camp in search of a fresh project and when they played a one-off gig in Hollywood with powerhouse rhythm section Mike Duda and Mike Dupke, everyone in the room had the same, excited feeling. The chemistry was undeniable!

The band quickly started writing as well as playing select shows in Hollywood and soon had enough material for an entire album. Hotel Diablo's full length debut 'The Return To Psycho, California' was produced by Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses, Rockstar Supernova) with additional production by underground LA producer Matt Starr, and will be available worldwide starting September 25th on Scarlet Records. Legendary Los Angeles rock station 95.5 KLOS exclusively debuted 'Bury You', the first track released off of the album, to an overwhelming response in June of 2012.

'The Return To Psycho, California' is "a collection of stories, true stories, experienced during a time when our lives were filled with mind-altering shots of wretched adrenaline" says vocalist Rick Stitch. "Strings got bent, knobs were turned and an uncontrolled visceral energy screamed life" into what has become ‘Psycho, California’.