2014 - The Deadcalm
2008 - Mirror Faced Mentality
Michael Bøgballe - Vocals
Kristian Bruun - Guitars
Martin Dalmark - Bass
Morten Christensen - Drums
Mads Vigeholm - Guitars
Time to comb your hair and straighten that back, son, because coming at your ears is The Deadcalm! The angry boys in SCAMP are back with brutal sounds that will entice, envelope and enlighten you with grooves that hit as hard as a dockside drunk hits a bottle of bourbon!

Since their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Mirror Faced Mentality’ that won them “Debut Album of the Year” at the Danish Metal Music Awards, SCAMP has won over crowds at Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival and in support of greats like Meshuggah, Korn and Machine Head with their genre-bending riffworks and curb-stomping bottom growl.

With new frontman Michael Bøgballe, formerly of Mnemic, SCAMP hits high and low with unnerving control and uncontained vocal fury.

The Deadcalm puts the laughter back in slaughter with devilishly brutal voice and grooves that cure veganism, and along with SCAMP's trademark rhythmic virtuosity and haunting melodies, the result is a plethora of delicious metal-juice sprayed across your face!