2012 Blind?
2009 From The Brink Of Infinity
Elvyne Lorient - Vocals
Vynce Leff - Guitars / Orchestrations
/ Regis Morin Guitars
Marc Ruhlmann - Keyboards
Xavier Corrientes - Bass
Nico Chaumeaux - Drums

Following the acclaimed debut ‘From The Brink Of Infinity’, Whyzdom have signed a deal with Scarlet Records and are proud to present ‘Blind?’, their new album. The band, which is known for their own signature approach to Symphonic Metal, blend once more intricate orchestral parts (including all the subtleties of strings, winds, brass, classical percussions, piano, harp etc.) and a real choir with the power of Heavy Metal. Through a coherence that hides the inherent complexity of this genre, Elvyne Lorient’s passionate melodies immediately stick into your mind, conveying pure emotions right from the very first note she sings.

The album title not only refers to the blindness of people towards what’s happening around them, but also to the fact that we, as humans, often deliberately choose to be blind in many uncomfortable circumstances that eventually lead us on the wrong path of life.

‘Blind?’ was produced by Vynce Leff, recorded and mixed in Paris at Powermania Studio and mastered by Mathieu Gillon and Vynce Leff at 120dB Studio. The stunning artwork is the result of a collaboration between X-Nihilo Design, Les Créations Vultus and Florent Cuaz. They’ve all accomplished to give real life to Whyzdom’s visual universe.