2012 A Tell Tale Heart
2009 Arrival
London Wilde - Vocals / Keyboards
Dave Starr - Guitars / Bass
Josh Foster - Drums

WildeStarr returns with a vengeance with their new album ‘A Tell Tale Heart’, 10 blistering tracks of pure metal, full of passion, anger and fury, inspired by the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. The new WildeStarr opus goes above and beyond where their debut ‘Arrival’ left off. ‘A Tell Tale Heart’ will take you on a searing, metallic journey full of twists and turns leaving you breathless. Are you ready for the ride? WildeStarr hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, and was Formed in 2003 by metal veteran and original Vicious Rumors bass player Dave Starr and studio vocalist/keyboardist London Wilde. Their first LP ‘Arrival’ was released in 2009 to overwhelming positive critical review, and named one of the best metal albums of 2009/2010 by numerous magazines and webzines worldwide. With strong melodies, glistening harmony guitars, and a dark and powerful sound, WildeStarr has been compared to bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Classic Queensrÿche, Savatage, and Crimson Glory, but with a sound all their own. Joined by drummer Josh Foster in 2010, the new record is a powerhouse not to be missed!